Our Fleet

Cessna 150M N7668U:


The Cessna 150 is a very simple airplane: it’s small and light and extremely forgiving, an all-around great trainer. This two-seater feels kind of like a go-cart with wings and it’s just pure fun to fly. For beginners, there is no better airplane. The rental rate is $95/hr wet.



Cessna 172K N12090:


This is the bigger brother of the Cessna 150. The 172 is bigger and heavier, while still being an exceptionally safe and forgiving airplane. This particular one is outfitted with an extra powerful engine and long-range fuel tanks making it a great airplane for long cross-countries. The rental rate is $120/hr wet.








Bellanca Citabria 7ECA N8688V:


The Citabria is ou0916141409r tail-wheel trainer. This is a real grass-roots trainer. It is an old-fashioned fabric-covered airplane and is more challenging to fly. Altogether, a great experience and we encourage all of our students to log some time in a tail-wheel airplane. The rental rate is $120/hr wet.




<We are currently working to acquire another Cessna 172 and Cessna 150 for training and rental.>